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Gold partnership to Gruyere Space Program association

We are supporting the Gruyere Space Program association in their projects, especially in their bi-liquide propulsion engine. We have helped them to optimize their design and material selection; we will also supply them the parts for their combustion chamber.


Parts manufacturing for their combustion chamber

Gruyere Space Program is an EPFL students association, who is targeting to develop rockets which are similar to the industrial ones. Starting with 3D printed small rockets, this team is now working on the creation of the first Swiss reusable rocket as it can reland thanks to its bi-liquide propulsion engine.

This project is currently divided in several steps between the creation of an electrical propulsion engine, in order to have an active stabilization, and, the creation of a grounded liquids engine. This motor will be the master piece of this final rocket, which shall be able to take off early 2023.


Partnership with Hepta.aero

We are supporting the association, hepta.aero, in the project "le fauX DufauX".


Manufacting of exhaust valve seats

  • Site internet du fauX DufauX
  • Site internet de hepta.aero