The company

The company Blein Meyer S.A. was founded by Gerard Meyer, Michel Blein and Irenée Sudan in 1964. Initially based in Bulle, the company has grown and is now based in Epagny (Gruyères).

Active in the plastics injection and the molds manufacturing, the company has gradually developed its skills in the manufacture of components / subcontracting for various industries: aeronautics, energy, medical, metal buildings, luxury industry.


ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified, we help you develop the best product at the best costs, we support your Design-to-Costs approach: thanks to our prototyping service (including 3D printer), we bring you our expertise in machining and, if necessary, in plastic injection, to have a piece of Swiss quality at the best price and fast.

Blein Meyer SA can meet your needs for your turned or milled parts. We are able to realize prototypes, small series as well as larger orders, up to several thousand units.


We are skilled in the following areas:

- Machined parts with aeronautical requirements (turning / milling), and more complete assembly including surface treatment management and / or helicoïls/ insert mounting

- Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

- 3D plastic printing for rapid prototyping

- Sandblasting / Microblasting

- Plastic injection

- Design and manufacture of molds


We are committed to delivering quality products on time. If necessary, we can guarantee traceability and provide you with all necessary certificates and measurement reports. We have a 3D measuring arm.

We regularly provide FAIs / PPAPs to our most demanding clients. Let us know your requirements!

We manufacture our injection molds and therefore master the entire Supply Chain and expertise for our plastic injection services to ensure a quality injection molded part as quickly as possible.